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De Roemer 2012 (2).jpg





Justin is the co-founder and CEO of De Roemer.

De Roemer is a unique, award winning luxury brand, established in 2008.

The collection consists of elegant and diverse fine jewellery; cashmere for women and men and original handbags; the brand sources the finest yarns, leathers and gem stones from all over the world using local craftsmen.

Everything is designed by the creative director, Tamsin de Roemer.



Joro is a travel company that creates extraordinary experiences. The companies ethos is to help clients find different ways of discovering the world, and every trip that is planned has a unique sense of adventure – whether it’s a polar expedition, a family trip to Colombia or a romantic riding holiday across India.

The founding partners have decades of experience in the travel industry and have  access to some of the world’s most exceptional individuals, from pro-skiers and helicopter pilots to carpet weavers and marine biologists.

Together they enable clients to see parts of the world they might not have thought it possible to reach. That means they can travel deeper, as Joro introduce them to new cultures, communities and habitats on the ground.



Outside of running De Roemer he works as an International speaker, giving talks worldwide to businesses, corporations, schools  and other organizations.

He is part of Hewlett-Packard’s worldwide ‘Influencer Advisory Board’, he is a ‘Thought Leader’ for PayPal’s ‘People Economy’ Campaign. He is also an Ambassador for the British Governments ‘GREAT’ Campaign, The Princes Trust and The Duke of Edinburgh Awards.



Justin is a strong advocate for raising awareness and money for important causes, from empowering people to reach their potential; whether this be the young of today or wounded service personnel; to protecting, nurturing and highlighting the importance of looking after our environment.